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Data warehouse automation for small business owners

Powerful. Friendly. Free for two months.

Wouldn't it be great if a data warehouse automation tool had a free-trial period long enough to build a working Proof of Concept (POC)? Data Warehouse Wiz, the powerful data warehouse automation tool, allows a free-trial period of a full two months at 100% functionality. Learning Data Warehouse Wiz is a breeze by viewing the tutorial videos. The tutorials can be used to build an example data warehouse--complete with Fact, Dimension, Bridge, Junk, and Outrigger tables--in as little as one day. This leaves ample time in your two-month free trial to build your own POC data warehouse from your own data sources. Your data warehouse will continue to function after the free trial expires.

Data warehouse CEO saves big by using data warehouse automation tool

Finally, data warehousing is affordable for any company, large or small.

Sure, everybody wants the huge benefits of data warehousing, but only the "big guys" have been able to upfront the costs to reap those benefits... Well, not anymore! Data Warehouse Wiz (DWiz) slashes the time and labor required for data warehouse development, at a modest price that anyone can afford.

Data analyst benefits from data mart built through data warehouse automation

It's your data. Use it. Learn from it. Profit from it.

Even small companies can have Big Data. Businesses worldwide are discovering digital gold mines within their very own servers. Use Data Warehouse Wiz to quickly and cost-effectively dig into and process your valuable digital data lodes.

DW Security Expert controls privacy and security

No funny business.

Unlike certain other data warehouse tools, Data Warehouse Wiz does not hide any data processing from you. DWiz generates source code in native Sql Server formats--all 100% viewable by you. No proprietary object modules are linked in. No proprietary run-time modules are needed to run your ETL. No data hijacking. You are always in full control of your data, which stays with you alone. Your ETL and data warehouse continue to function after your DWiz subscription expires.

CTO saves time and money by developing with data warehouse automation

Reduces risk. Saves money. Saves time. And perhaps, saves sanity.

You will be proud when your in-house staff uses DWiz, the data warehouse automation tool, to create a proof-of-concept in very little time, and then goes on to quickly deliver the first functional data mart. Yet when things change--that is when you REALLY shine with Data Warehouse Wiz! DWiz not only makes change management easy, it also reduces the likelihood of change-induced errors.

Data warehousing manager is thrilled by the value of this data warehouse automation tool

Keep it IN-HOUSE to optimize your benefits and peace-of-mind.

Data Warehouse Wiz automates the tedious coding processes of data warehousing, freeing up your in-house subject matter experts to do what they--and only they--can do best. Stand back and try not to seem surprised when your in-house staff crafts a working data warehouse prototype in less time than it would take to explain your business to outside consultants.

Read the free data warehouse automation tutorial:

Introduction to Data Warehousing using Data Warehouse Wiz

Thorough and efficient coding by using a data warehouse automation tool

Near-Real-Time Data Warehousing.

Want your data warehouse to provide near real-time information? With Data Warehouse Wiz, the efficient data warehouse automation tool, ETL jobs can often be run on a near real-time schedule such as every five minutes. Need a Daily Snapshot Fact table that retains a snapshot of each day? Data Warehouse Wiz makes this easy to set up. Will snapshots still work with 5-minute ETL updates? Yes--DWiz coding creates a record at the beginning of the day, and updates this record throughout the day. Data Warehouse Wiz also makes it easy to convert a non-snapshot fact table to a snapshot fact table.

Data warehouse automation tool is easy to learn

Easy to use. Painless to evaluate.

No proprietary language to learn. No steep learning curve. No need to invest significant time just to see what the product can do. By following the Data Warehouse Wiz video tutorials, you can use our data warehouse automation tool to build a functioning warehouse within hours. We will give you a two-month free trial during which you could even build a useful data warehouse for your company for free.

Code to best practices by using a data warehouse automation tool

Let Data Warehouse Wiz sweat the details.

You don't need to be a data warehouse expert to craft a data warehouse with DWiz, but even if you are an expert, Data Warehouse Wiz yields huge benefits. Consistent and reliable code generation for both the complex and the mundane aspects of data warehouse automation. Slowly-changing dimensions. Management of huge tables. Efficient differential change extraction. Pivot tables. Efficient transitions between Development-QA-Production. Late-arriving dimensions. Near real-time processing. Aggregation. Snapshots.

DW developer describes using data warehouse tool

Highly efficient, yet Robust.

Good data warehouse automation software for Microsoft Sql Server data sources should be able to handle three types of downloading: Differential downloads using Change Tracking, Differential downloads using Change Data Capture, and Full table downloads. Data Warehouse Wiz, the efficient and robust data warehouse automation tool, not only supports all three methods, but also codes robust error-handling to detect problems and prevent data loss. For example, schema modifications to a source database, such as the addition of a new column to a table, may threaten data loss or integrity problems to the data warehouse. Data Warehouse Wiz coding will detect these situations and prevent data loss by temporarily switching to full table download when needed. DWiz coding will also detect interruptions to the data warehouse ETL, and will resume processing in such a way as to avoid data loss.

Another awkward issue arises when data source systems periodically re-write complete tables. Such tables may be deleted and completely reloaded on a regular basis. If your data warehouse automation tool were to use Change Tracking or Change Data Capture on these tables, the resulting dimension table would grow uncontrollably with duplicated uncorrelated entries. Data Warehouse Wiz, the friendly and flexible data warehouse automation tool, allows you to efficiently handle these small tables as Full table downloads, avoiding duplication and keeping dimensions smaller.

DW developer plans thorough and efficient coding

Accommodate Late-Arriving Dimensions.

Late-Arriving Dimensions occur when Fact table data arrives seconds, minutes, hours, or even days before the data for a dimension table arrives. Thus, the dimension data is late, creating a potential problem in providing a foreign key for the Fact table record. Data Warehouse Wiz, the robust data warehouse automation tool, gracefully handles this situation by creating a stub Dim record (foreign key and default data only) whenever the full dimension data does not yet exist. Later, when the dimension table data arrives, the DWiz coding will update the Dim record. Thus the data warehouse remains error-free despite the late-arriving dimension data.


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